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We believe financial planning is about your money, your goals, your future—not ours. When you consider working with a financial advisor, a question you should ask the advisor is “What makes you special, different or unique—basically, Why should I work with you?” Our answer is clear and compelling.

Our team strives to create harmony among 6 areas of financial planning (investments, taxes, retirement, budgeting, insurance & estate planning). These pieces of your financial picture are interdependent and changes to one can affect the other areas. And for that reason, we work to help ensure there is harmony among all these areas and communication between the professionals who are responsible for each. If all your professionals are not on the same page, it might be time to make a change.

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  • Are UITs for You?

    How unit investment trusts operate and potential investment risks.

  • New Math for Social Security

    In 2017, Americans born in 1955 become eligible to claim Social Security benefits at the earliest claiming age of 62.

  • Indexed Annuities

    The benefits and risks of indexed annuities, including ways in which return rates are calculated.

  • Demographic Dilemma

    Some economists believe shifting demographics may be the primary reason GDP growth has been weak versus past recoveries.


  • Life Insurance

    How much life insurance would you need to produce a sufficient income stream for your family?

  • Federal Income Tax

    This calculator can help you estimate your annual federal income tax liability.

  • Cost of Retirement

    Use this calculator to estimate how much income and savings you may need in retirement.

  • Retirement Plan Early Distribution

    Estimate how much would remain after paying income taxes and penalties if you took an early distribution from a retirement plan.